Entangled Interfaces

The Design of Post Human-Centered Interfaces

The goal of this research was to analyze the theoretical and practical foundations and applications of existing approaches to post human-centered design in order to develop a possible interface definition and design approach for practical use. For this purpose we have addressed the research question: If there will be a post human-centered design, what will this mean for the future of designers and the design of interfaces?

In order to achieve this goal, the topic is examined from the perspective of several disciplines. Problems and critiques of the current human-centred design approach are identified. Philosophical and social science aspects of a non-human-centered world are also examined to then define post human-centered design and present the currently existing approaches. Finally, a possible design and the meaning of post human-centered interfaces is proposed.

A meta-interaction approach from engineering is combined with actor-network theory and applied to the design of the interface, and integrated into a new generative design process. The interface is at the central design point here, as it influences the interaction of the individual actors with regard for a meta-goal. As an iterative and reflective process, it lends itself to include the consideration of unintended consequences in the design and to present them in a discursive way.

Even though a possible design approach is presented, practical post human-centered design is still in its early stages. Further methods, but also examples and experiments are needed. There are indications that the mediating role of the designers will expand. Not only between the new actors, but also between the disciplines.

You can download the the full paper here:

Or you can read a summary of the paper in the annual collection of essays by experts from the ThingsCon community, The State of Responsible IoT 2020.


Research Paper


Maximilian Brandl
Philipp Kaltofen

Supervised by
Prof. Andrea Krajewski and Prof. Tsunemitsu Tanaka


Post Human-Centered, More-Than-Human-Centered Design, Interfaces, Life-System-Architecture