Digital Journal


A space for your thoughts and feelings.

Young, introverted people are often exposed to great stress and overflowing emotions. This situation gave rise to the movement of journaling. In often lovingly designed diaries, experiences are described and processed. Journaling is a very effective method of organizing one's thoughts. However, people who think they are less creative shy away from visualization methods.


The digital journal "Gefühlswelt" (world of emotions) is meant to help playfully and inspiringly to clarify your mind and to record your thoughts and feelings. "Gefühlswelt" is an interactive media system and a digital alternative to analog journals. Its users can dive into their own world of thoughts and feelings. The offered generative tools, make it possible for users without creative experiences to create impressive entries. The input is done by voice or the written word or drawn line.


3. Semester Project
Interactive Media Design


Maximilian Brandl
Janett Herdt
Alessa Klinger

Supervised by
Prof. Claudius Coenen, Sebastian Fritzsche, Martin Haas, Prof. Andrea Krajewski, Prof. Tsunemitsu Tanaka, Dr. Stefan Voigt, Tomas Zebis


Handwriting Interface, Digital Journal, Explorative UI, Motion Design

Concept Trailer



Initial Prototype