Internet of Parcels


What if your delivery finds you in the right place at the right time.

Parcel Key is an IOT approach to get rid of the hassle with the parcel services... and the trouble the parcel services have with our flexible lifestyle. ParcelKey tries it with transparency. With a small keychain you are connected to each delivery and you can always see where the parcel is and when you can look forward to it. You can also influence where and when your parcel should be delivered. Each ParcelKey (keychain) is representative for one of your orders.


ParcelKey is to be understood as an explorative approach. The aim was to create a haptic, connected medium, which not only connects parcel service and recipient, but also draws attention to the increasing volume of shipments and accordingly makes your own ordering behaviour tangible.


4. Semester Project 
Interactive Media Design


Maximilian Brandl
Domenika Tomasovic

Supervised by
Prof. Claudius Coenen, Sebastian Fritzsche, Prof. Andrea Krajewski, Prof. Tsunemitsu Tanaka und Dr. Stefan Voigt


Internet of Things, Tangible Objects

Concept Trailer



3D printed design prototype


Technical prototype