Tinker & Hacking

Project: Mini Control

A mind and Apple Watch controlled toy car

The idea was to take an old remote controlled toy car and rebuild it so that I could control it via an API with my Apple Watch. A scene from the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies inspired this idea. Here Bond is controlling a BMW 750 series with his "smartphone".

I wanted to build the whole thing API-based, so that I could not only make it controllable via the Apple Watch, but also leave other possibilities of control open. For example with the Brain-Computer-Interface framework which I developed in parallel.

I also wanted to have a video transmission to remote control the car, like in the James Bond sequence.


Elective: Physical Interaction
Student Project


Maximilian Brandl

Supervised by 
Prof. Claudius Coenen


Brain-Computer-Interface, Apple Watch, iOS App, Connected Things