Interactive Installation


Magical interactions in the forest

Symbios is an interactive, audiovisual installation in the forest, which encourages visitors to think about the symbiosis of humans and nature. Visitors can move freely in the installation and interact with the forest. When they touch a plant or a tree, the area they touch lights up for a moment before it fades out. This reflects the negative impact that human activities have on nature. The movement and behaviour of individual visitors is tracked and thus influences the experience of all visitors to the installation. If too many users touch the plants and trees, the installation will gradually darken. However, when the visitors hold back, everyone can enjoy the lighting spectacle.



6. Semester Project
Interactive Media Design


Hannah Ackermann
Maximilian Brandl
Nadine Edler
Lauritz Kramberger-Kaplan
Silvio Lepszy

Supervised by
Prof. Claudius Coenen, Christoph Diederichs, Prof. Andrea Krajewski, Prof. Garrit Schaap und Andreas Schindler


Interactive Installation, Ambient Intelligence, Kinect, Unity, Projection mapping, Experimental Interactions

Concept Trailer

Prototype at the Interactive Future Exhibition


Many interaction possibilities with plants were prototyped very early in the project. We wanted to find a magical interaction for which the visitors do not have to carry any further technology, but can interact with their environment in a natural way.